Who We Are

“Everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded and from the one who has been entrusted much, much more will be asked.” Luke 12:48.

“I’m a big believer in that, I’ve taken that to heart over the years. I’ve seen the way I’ve been blessed, but I know those blessings aren’t just for me, so I try to pay them forward.” ~ Michael D Johnson

Mission Statement:

The MJ 93-90 Foundation started in 2009, Michael’s rookie year in the NFL. The mission of the of the MJ 93-90 Foundation is to educate kids on the importance of capitalizing on their talents and abilities with educational and technological programs, to increase their awareness of proper nutrition and exercise for healthier bodies to avoid obesity, diabetes and heart disease, and to mentor and encourage them on how to be successful. The organization has a specific focus on two issues which have become close to Mike’s heart; Health and Fitness and Social Justice.

Michael has been dubbed Agent 90, and is committed to be a part of the solution to these issues and being “an agent of positive change”.


Regional Programs & Events:

Below is a snapshot of the many initiatives that Michael D Johnson and the MJ 93-90 Foundation are committed to each year!

  • Football & Cheer Camp Football & Cheer Camp: An annual event in Selma, AL since 2010. This is a 2-day event that includes an education day in conjunction with the camp. In 2019 we will host the 1st Annual Michael Johnson Football Camp in San Antonio, TX.
  • Sunday Fun Dey (Cincinnati) and Family Fun Day (Selma): The Sunday Fun Dey is annual partner event with teammate, Carlos Dunlap. Both events are packed with activities, fun and food with an emphasis on giving away back to school supplies. These two events service more than 1000 kids.

The Michael Johnson 93-90 Foundation and the Dunlap Foundation partner on several events in the Cincinnati

  • Social Justice Program: This program was developed by Michael to establish a trust between the police and kids. The Cincinnati Police Department spend time together talking, asking questions and getting to know each other, then attend a Bengals home game together. It is Michael’s contribution to bringing awareness to the injustices and the division that is so prevalent in our country today.
  • Veterans Recognition Day Breakfast: Michael’s dad is a retired United States Marine and a recipient of a Purple Heart. Recognizing Veterans is something he has done since he’s been in the League. He has visited Veterans hospitals and participated in veterans’ activities, donated to veterans’ families, and for the last several years, hosted a Veterans Recognition Day Breakfast in his home town of Selma, honoring hundreds of service men and women.
  • Computer Initiative Program: This program was designed to teach computer technology in preparation of receiving computer certification. This program has graduated several students and gifted more than a hundred students with computers that they build themselves.
  • Most Valuable Kids of Greater Cincinnati: This partnership with MVK is ongoing. This organization is dedicated to enriching the lives of underprivileged kids. They send kids to sports and entertainment events that they would not otherwise have an opportunity to attend. Each week of the season, Michael takes 10-15 kids on tours of Paul Brown Stadium and/or other venues and buys them tickets to the home game.
  • Health & Fitness Expo: An event that brings together a host of community health and fitness experts on proper nutrition, alkaline water, natural remedies, alternative health care, whole foods, food preparation, and several fitness choices that can benefit all ages.
  • Educational Events: The Michael Johnson 93-90 Foundation has sponsored more events than we can name, such as the Career Readiness Day, Microsoft Althletech Day, an educational weekend to Tampa, FL for 50 kids, many football camp trips for prospective college athletes and many speaking engagements at different schools and communities.
  • Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati: An organization that provides a safe and positive place for kids ages 6-18 to learn and grow. MJ participates in the Punt, Pass & Kick programs.

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