MARCH 5th-9th

It’s my image, but it represents us all; Whatever comes to your heart when you think about our society; the city of Selma, Alabama; Its role in the civil rights movement; Empowerment; Uplifting; Awareness.

We must never forget the sacrifices made for the freedoms we enjoy today. We honor them by making the most of each opportunity presented


Come join the Vision for Success Movement of Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Selma’s own Michael Johnson for the 50th Bridge Crossing Jubilee!

Meet MJ and his family at the Selma 50th Jubilee commemorating the historical crossing of the Edmund Pettis Bridge on March 5th-9th!

Help touch the lives of Selma’s youth by taking a picture with MJ aka “The Selma Boy” or purchasing a beautiful, commemorative tote for a small donation of $10 and don’t forget to pick up a bag of Thom’s delicious peanut brittle.

All proceeds will be donated to the MJ93 Fund.

Look for our booth right next to Faye and Big Willies Burgers.

Press Inquiries Contact: or 678-327-8281

To learn more about Selma 50th Jubilee visit:


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