On February 7 & 8, the Michael Johnson 93-90 Foundation will host a Youth Empowerment Summit for SENIORS ONLY at George Wallace College. The purpose of the Summit is to teach youth how to become more active in creating their vision for a better future.

The first day session will be to connect the students with powerful speakers from various corporations to engage different views and ideas in rethinking their educational goals. We will cover such subject as the pros and cons of social media; integrity over popularity; self-esteem; team building; money management; and college prep. We will provide everything they need to know about college, such as what colleges are looking for in a prospective student, provide overview of the top colleges and universities, admission requirements, tuition and test scores, explain the pros an cons of living on campus or out of sate, assistance with essay writing and learning about scholarships requirements. On the second day, we will explore the Social Justice issue with a panel and have a Shark Tank Competition where applicable seniors will compete for $10k in Pitch Rewards.

CLICK HERE for Shark Tank Competition Rules & Guidelines

CLICK HERE for Shark Tank Business Plan Outline & Guide

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