Encouraged by Coach Gaylen Denson and English Teacher, Joann Young, who both taught Michael in middle school, students wrote him letters expressing how inspired they were to be attending the same school he attended, sitting in the same seats he sat in, and being taught by the same teachers. His reaction was that of exhilaration, appreciation and thankfulness that “they’re finally getting it”.

“The fact that you graduated from this school and Dallas County really shows that it doesn’t matter where you’re from, it’s where you’re going.” A. spivey

“I always put 110 per cent out there on the field like you did and thinking about how good you are helps me achieve goals out there on the field.” C. Lester

“By seeing you so successful that inspires kids in Selma to do their best, we see that a person from little ole Selma has become successful and we feel like we can do anything if we believe and have good grades.” S. England

“Your success daily fuels the dreams of many of our students and athletes.”
G. Denson

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