With the help of the dedicated MJ 93-90 Foundation team, NFL star and philanthropist, Michael D Johnson executed a very successful and inspiring Youth Empowerment Summit, in Selma, AL the 1st week of February 2019. The exciting event featured panels focused on social justice, self-esteem, money management and college preparatory. To top it off, ambitious high school students participated in a Shark Tank-style competition with prizes totaling $10,000!

The 2-day event impacted the lives of more than 400 Selma area high school seniors. Day 1 of Mike’s Youth Empowerment Summit began with a presentation by Activate Elevate founder Zillah Fluker. She talked about cellphone and social media responsibility, sharing some very critical and eye-opening information to help the young adults protect themselves and their reputations.

The College Board hosted two panels on securing scholarships, which included the importance of test scores in relation to securing them and other invaluable information.

The soon-to-be-graduates also spent their day learning about money management, self-esteem, and team building.

Day two of the summit was kicked off with an informative panel on social justice moderated by WSFA 12 News reporter, Rosanna Smith. The think tank featured Michael D. Johnson., State of Alabama Rep., Prince Chestnut, Michael Jackson; Dallas County District Attorney, and a host of other speakers. The participants found the panel enlightening and felt encouraged to engage and share what was on their minds in this very textured social climate.

The Youth Empowerment Summit ended with a Shark Tank-style competition, set up much like the popular TV show! Mike’s vision for this pitch series is to bolster interest in entrepreneurship and help jump-start their enterprising endeavors. Two very promising students won cash prizes totaling $10,000; Kamau Little, owner of Highway 80 Productions won $7,000 and Lakira Fails, owner of Luxurious Lengths was awarded $3,000!

The MJ 93-90 Foundation values and has a vested interest in black youth and will continue to mentor the students in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

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