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This year alone, Michael has given out $50,000 to fund programs.  We have been able to touch hundreds of kids with our programs and our goal if so reach more each year. Here are some of the areas you can contribute to:

Selma Programs:

  • $50 per camper – Choose to sponsor a camper
  • $100 per team – Sponsor a team

Atlanta Programs:

  • $50 per student – Send kids to events , provide materials for school – Choose to sponsor a student

Cincinnati Programs:

  • Generation One Program – Give a gift sponsorship. Here we try to raise as much revenue as possible so that we can send first generation students to college.


  • M – Sponsor ($1500 +)
  • J – Sponsor ($550 – $1000)
  • 93 - Sponsor ($93 – $500)

How do I make a donation?

The MJ93 Fund is a component fund of the Community of Middle TN, A 501 ( c) 3 organization. Tax #62-1471789.

To make a donation, click here:

Or mail donations to:
MJ 93 Fund, 
Community Foundation of Middle TN
3833 Cleghorn Avenue, Suite 400
Nashville, TN 37215-2519

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