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Even as a young boy, Michael has had a genuine love for children, especially for those less fortunate than he.  It’s because of that compassion that he would go that extra mile to help someone.  Even as a youngster, he would give his last to someone he thought had need.  In high school and as an athlete, he tutored his teammates for the exit exams.  He was active in community projects such as Habitat for Humanity and the Lobster Fest.  In college, he was instrumental in organizing the Brotherhood of Excellence, a group of young men who focused their energy on mentoring inner city school kids.  And as a professional athlete, he immediately began touring schools, spending time at the Boys and Girls Clubs, sponsoring a football camp in his hometown and assisting in others, and supporting other groups whose mission is to nurture children.  At his speaking engagements, his message is “success is a result of having vision”.  Because of his compassion and desire to make a difference where ever he goes, Michael started his foundation in his rookie year, the MJ93 Fund, a component fund of the Community Foundation of Middle TN, a 501 © 3 organization.
Mission Statement:
The mission of the of the MJ93 is to educate kids on the importance of capitalizing on their talents and abilities with educational and technological programs, to increase their awareness of proper nutrition and exercise for healthier bodies to avoid obesity, diabetes and heart disease, and to mentor and encourage them on how to be successful.

Regional Programs & Events:


  • 5th Annual Youth Football & Cheer Camp [April 26, 2014]: Open to boys and girls ages 8-17
  • MJ93 Fun Fest with the NFL [April 25, 2014]: Activity Day for Selma Youth where games and activities are planned to get kids moving and enjoying physical activities
  • MJ93 Computer Initiative Program:  Computer Certification Program
  • Selma Let’s Move Initiative: A program to help raise a healthier generation of kids, launched by First Lady Michelle Obama, dedicated to solving the problem of obesity within a generation



  • Brotherhood of Excellence: A club started by Michael and some of his college teammates whose main focus was to mentor inner city kids
  • Speaking Engagements: Visiting schools to deliver messages of how to be successful


  • University of Cincinnati Generation 1 Program: A UC Initiative designed to promote the academic success of Pell grant eligible, first generation college students
  • Most Valuable Kids of Greater Cincinnati: An organization dedicated to enriching the lives of underprivileged kids. They send kids to sports and entertainment events they would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend. Michael selects his students by having them submit essays about overcoming obstacles
  • Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati: An organization that provides a safe and positive place for kids ages 6-18 to learn and grow. MJ participates in the Punt, Pass and Kick program

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